Visualising execution flows

08/01/2023Execution flowcharts can be a useful tool for visualising and understanding how our code behaves at runtime.

Increase your test coverage with combinatorial testing

10/10/2022Using a simple combinator, you can make your data-driven tests cover a wider range of scenarios while keeping test code neat and readable

Testing steps – an alternative to BDD

14/02/2022Is there a simpler way to write acceptance tests?

Diagramming Typescript

02/01/2022How might we tweak the familiar UML "class diagrams" to instead model Typescript code?

The many uses of mock data

28/09/2021Recent experiments with mock data reveal a surprisingly versatile tool that can boost developer productivity and enjoyment.

Parallel loading in React

17/04/2021How to run multiple requests in parallel and combine the results.

Interaction wireframes

30/12/2020Using wireframes to depict elements and interactions together

Towards zero bugs

01/12/2019I am on a personal and professional mission to write bug-free code.

Why we get hired

01/12/2018It can be tempting to think that we are the reason we got hired (or rejected). But I think there are many other dynamics at play.